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    Roasted seeds and nuts food industry become "king of leading group purchase"

    2014-04-01 16:20:50 Browse the number:0
          With the development of online shopping, greatly small commodities have entered the network shops, clothing, accessories, daily appliances, vehicles are taobao.com selling item. As a snack industry "Miss", naturally can not backward, but accidentally became king "group purchase". Below small make up for these brief.

    Due to the particularity of the food industry in the warranty period, in Taobao development time is not long. But the food industry be settled down, the most popular is the roasted seeds and nuts. The survey found from many aspects, not only in taobao.com, even each city group purchase network, roasted seeds and nuts, sales are very impressive, many food companies, business super choose to purchase a group purchase way, internal staff are known as the food industry "group purchase king".

    With the rapid development of Internet shopping, I hope in the future market of roasted seeds and nuts must occupy a very important position. The development prospects of roasted seeds and nuts are also unpredictable.
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