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    The role of beauty dry cargo of walnut

    2014-04-01 16:19:52 Browse the number:0
    Dry cargo class food everywhere in our life. Nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnut purple sweet potato and other dry cargo is favored by people. But in addition to the Jiechan eat, what are their total? Here we come to talk about the food in the dry cargo of walnut, walnut and you know the effect of beauty?
    Walnut is a kind of dry cargo, has a positive effect greatly on the human body, the following look for female beauty function.
    1 walnut can supply to meet the heat. Per 100 grams of walnut kernel can supply about 630000 calories, equivalent to 3-4 times Steamed Rice heat. Therefore, in the winter eat more walnuts beauty of women can also play the role of prevention and treatment of cold, cold hands and feet.
    2 nuts also contain rich cellulose, per 100 grams of walnut kernels can supply 9.7 grams of cellulose, promote gastrointestinal activity, help digestion and defecation, avoid constipation.
    3 walnut is also rich in vitamins, can fully meet the needs of the human body.
    4 in the mineral rich walnut is appropriate, such as iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, etc..
    It is worth mentioning that, in the very low sodium content of walnut, per 100 grams of walnut kernel only contains 10 milligrams of sodium, meet the health needs of modern diets low in sodium, in women with iron deficiency anemia iron storage help.
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